We’ll meet you there..

by premierbakedbeanbrand

Organised. Sometimes you walk out chuck everything into the back of the van and you go, all accomplished with minimum effort and in less time than it takes you to brew a tea, other times, when there are certain individuals involved it takes an age. You can compare it more to the tea production business not to the tea making process. All that planting, harvesting, selecting the freshest buds, drying cutting packaging shipping branding and distributing all done in a matter of months while you’re standing out in the street thinking it might be sunny but it’s not hot and shorts aren’t always the way. An hour later and you can’t help but wonder why the hell the others weren’t ready to go seeing as it was all organised yesterday. How do they manage it? And there is always one…party wall

This time of year is great; people are off work, security really don’t care and everyone’s on for a party, some more than others but still the atmosphere is great, and it seems that not everyone is ready to leave it to chance. Party at the Wall.