Spot the Difference

by premierbakedbeanbrand

This got fired to my inbox though it took a few days more for an explanation to reach me… okay fuck that idea off as it seems I can’t post Quicktime movies, no matter what size they are. That’s weak. Weak like getting all your shit together and going on a journey beyond all capabilities of your vehicle your physical being and your mind and when the journey’s done and you’ve unpacked and you’re ready to roll and it’s cold and what are all the people doing out? Don’t they get how cold it is? Why aren’t they at home stealing Into the Void? Did you see Ryan Sher? Did you? Well that doesn’t matter does it because they were all out, and not just at the first place but the second too, not one of them was at home with tea and cake, they were all riding.. good job they kept to their ratty little parks because we didn’t want them we wanted tea. Cold. Not the tea, the weather, for once I’m happy to be wanting hot tea and not have some lukewarm over-milked dribble given to me by the man behind the counter.
What did you today? Did you ride?
Did I fuck.. it was so cold there were people licking chilli’s in the big Indian supermarket just to get some warmth.
I rode to the shop and I’d ride to town but it’s far at this point of the evening. It gets further away the later in the evening it gets so come Midday tomorrow it’ll only be a mile down the road. Colouring pens provide cheap and easy solutions to inks but don’t expect to see a whole great deal more of these if I can get videos on here in a way that keeps me happy. Now tell me what the difference is.
It’s dry and we ought to be thankful but with audio books available you don’t need to leave the house looking for warmth and turning the pages won’t interrupt any energy saving lifestyle you’re trying to sustain.