by premierbakedbeanbrand

It’s snowing. Kind of. Nothing seems to be happening, though I can’t decide if that’s due to the weather or unknown factors that I can’t see from the warmth of the kitchen. If you can’t go out and the world sounds like a hollow and empty shell, with everyone staying in, then you get the kettle on and you line up a video to watch.. and that got me thinking… Favourite video parts of 2008. Not that I’m saying the NORA Cup results were wrong but Endsearch as best video? Fuck that… though I don’t care about those results. No-one asked me so my opinion matters little but as I’ve got an opinion I’m going to share it. I wanted to ask the average-man-on-the-street but I can confirm there isn’t anyone out there, everything looks bleached the trees are making me feel seasick with their rocking and my tea would of gone cold if I hadn’t just remembered to go and pour it. 
These aren’t in any particular order but if I were offering up a best of 2008 video that I could package in a fancy manner and score a wheelbarrow of cash from then these would all be there…
John Dixon- From Nothing
Cameron Wood- 5050 That’s it!
Casey Zautke- Fresh Fish
Cody Jennings- TwobyFour
Alex Liiv- Dead Bang
If you haven’t seen any of these videos get on it…
I also realise that the-man-on-the-street may not be there but this might run a little longer if any one of the one person I just phoned or the one I emailed actually pull it together long enough to work out what videos actually came out in 2008..
I Wanna Live will be counted as a 2009 for the purposes of this exercise mainly because I liked Cam Woods 5050 section more. I wouldn’t discount him being on next years list though.