Text messages in the snow.

by premierbakedbeanbrand

A misunderstanding led me to rethink the question; no more Favourite Fives from 2008. More like Were there Five sections you’d pick from 2008? I was working with the idea that everyone would have at least five but maybe that ain’t the case. So this text came in earlier, which means I feel justified in my decision to keep this running for a year or so, by the time 2010 is being reviewed maybe I’ll have my complete list of who watched what in 2008, and it read like this…
1- Party section- A Boy named Bill
2- Chris Doyle- Safety First
3- Tony Neyer- From Nothing
4- Aaron Ross- Electronical 
Farren Downes– WTP v.i.d.e.o.r.a.m.a web-edit 
They’re in no particular order, just what was remembered, and they led to some numb fingers.. The snow isn’t so popular around here. The We The People v.i.d.e.o.r.a.m.a series was sweet; hopefully see more this year..