A look at the media.

by premierbakedbeanbrand

That last Top Five got me thinking about the v.i.d.e.o.r.a.m.a series; was that it?
I had questions; I asked Rob Harrison. He had answers…

Firstly… Are you continuing the series throughout 2009?
We’re going to continue the series in 09. But with some changes…. I guess unless I want that duplicated everywhere I should keep my mouth shut for now. Yes… It will continue.
By concentrating your efforts on web-edits are you leaving video behind?
Leaving video behind? Absolutely not. I’m a big believer in a variety of networking and scene building, companies do have a responsibility to encourage positive mediums and not just get carried away, and when we have no electricity and the web pops it’s clogs it’s gonna be other stuff that keeps things going. I like more roots thinking as well as whatever is in the web. I still see how cool it is to have it, that’s one of the reasons that people will see at least double the updates on the wtp site than any other brand out there.

Bmx is worldwide, it’s small things going on and it’s shit talking… It’s not all bike checks and some four guys on holiday in New Zealand, all that is good to see, but it’s about so much more…. And wethepeople backs that. We’ve got team riders out in the back of beyond who riders can relate to so much more than someone riding the next x-games or flying here and there signing autographs. There has been a lot of hero pushing going on these last years in bmx, but the bottom line is that 2% of riders live from bmx. That leaves 98% who are doing something else to survive. Chester still works a full time UPS shift, Bjoern studies, Farren is a plasterer, Ash works in a bmx shop, Will is teaching, Max is now a banker, Oli works in several bars in Bonn…. You see what I mean. These are normal guys who love bmx not people who want hero worship and that is what I think is important and try to get across. More important than the medium… 
Does that mean you have any plans for a video release this year then?
There’s gonna be some form of vid out this year, something of a revised format…. On that will feature at least main street parts from… Chester, Mike, Andrew, Bjoern, Max, Bruno and if the guys are not too busy then I expect Wicke, Jason P, Ash, Will and the main team to pull through. Might as well put my neck on the line while I’m here and say 1st August latest release date.  
With the Eclat team in place does it mean we’ll be seeing edits for them appearing on the web or have Eclat been left to put their content out as they want to?
Web edits…. Yes and no. Just gonna see how that one comes for now. Sean has been filming for Anthem, Bone Deth and Chester is off to Austin with Mike mid Feb and has already been filming for his Shola part. That vid is also backed by Eclat. I leave the majority of that to Brian now, we just talk things over but mainly cause it’s still kinda new and many of the basics are still based here which kinda screws things up sometimes, but Brian knows more than me so I leave it to him and if I’m not keen on something then I only got to say. I’m just a support network and someone who takes ages to answer mails…
Were there Five sections you’d pick from 2008?
5 sections. Yeah I think there were 5… 
– 5050 – Cameron Wood. Kin love that dudes riding. 
– Videorama- I was stoked on almost all of them ! – Ash Charles, Farren, Luc legrand!! Check Andrew Jackson’s… 
– A very public Dead Bang – Sean Burns
– Then I get stuck… Not because of choice, … but because the web has sucked my memory… So I’ll cheat again and recommend from 07…. Adam Baker/Sergio parts from Grounded. Landmark parts.

Finally… Are you putting out Signature Mugs for all your riders or is it just Ashley Charles that gets one? With the weather as it is anything you can put tea into will form a part of your best selling range…
We’re not doing any signature mugs… 

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