This time the questions aren’t mine.

by premierbakedbeanbrand

I admit it wasn’t my finest idea ever but it helped pass a weekend of dire weather but it’s good to see everyone getting into the spirit of things. Eventually.

“Right lets do this shit.
I’ve already expressed my unwillingness to take part in this, so please read this in a snappy, bitter tone.

Number fucking 1. Zac Costa – Cuttin’ it Deep
Number fucking 2. Nikki Croft – Brighton Ain’t Ready
Number fucking 3. Sean Sexton – Safety First
Number fucking 4. Brian Yeagle and Clint Reynolds – FBM Gypsy Caravan Tour (fuck you that counts as one)
Number fucking 5. Actually number 5 is a question. Why the fuck did United choose Barcelona out of the whole of Europe for their Mega Tour Europe part?

Well that wasn’t all that bad, I actually really enjoyed re-watching these parts. Please go back and read them again, with a happy, optimistic tone, maybe remove some of the swearing, it’s not funny or clever.”