by premierbakedbeanbrand

There are obviously two types of toast; the On and the And.
In the On category you quite clearly have Cheese On and Beans On. In the And category you have And Marmalade and And Peanut Butter. It isn’t hard, is it? Four varieties of toast shouldn’t lead to any confusion but it does. I shouldn’t have to go to the cupboard, at the point where the toast has already been toasted on one side, because if you’re having toast you are quite clearly grilling it, and find enough Peanut Butter left in the bottom of the jar for a half a slice of toast. Half. I didn’t want to have Peanut Butter and Marmalade on toast but that’s what I’ve had to have due to stupidity. I don’t even want to think about what that does to the varieties, because if you start mixing the Ands what next? Mixing the Ons? Why can’t you just finish the fucking jar off; if it’s too much to actually get on to the slice of toast you’ve got use the knife to dig out the remaining Peanut Butter and lick the knife clean, wash and recycle the jar and replace it with a full jar the next day. Don’t place the jar back for someone else to end up with. Now not only have I had to dick about washing jars and recycling in order to save the planet I’m going to have to make some form of effort before breakfast tomorrow in order to go and get something to eat as I’m not going out in this rain now. In fact it’ll probably be raining in the morning and I’ll still get wet.

And what of the Marmalade? Each jar comes with enough in it to cover four slices of toast, and now, and it’s going to be me isn’t it, that much is obvious, Someone is going to get half way through putting Marmalade on their toast and I’m going to run out as there’s been a half a piece of toasts worth already used… This would never of happened if it wasn’t raining.