Valentino Day™

by premierbakedbeanbrand

This is late, like a card picked up from Esso in the early hours as you stagger home on a Friday evening, but Happy Valentino Day… Hopefully all the lovers got their loving done.
There’s no need to discuss the Love v Commercial aspect of the day, it was done in the Times, at £1 who could say no, not that the six “new” sections were any much different to the six “old” sections but it looks like their designers were gifted a new typeface package and they moved a few bits-an-bobs around in the magazine, oh and Robert Crampton got a new photo taken to head his column, it was probably done in all the other papers too but I didn’t have time to go through all of them, on the TV and the radio had nothing to talk about but; instead admire this image of a World Champion that is truly deserving of the title… You’ll notice here the World Champion here isn’t the guy running the 1 plate, nor is he the guy who cries the bitter tears of resentment…