by premierbakedbeanbrand

Doubters. Bastards. It would seem that some people are beginning to question the commitment we have to the production of a quality tasting baked bean and seem to think it’s all about riding bikes and having fun with balloons instead of keeping your eyes on the road and paying attention to the car in front…
You can’t just rush these things. What did you think we were going to do just go out and buy a bunch of value beans and re-label them? No. We’re going to wait until the good beans are no longer able to be sold at such high prices buy them in bulk orders, probably 12, maybe even 16, cans at time and then we’re going to re-label them.
We can’t just put our secret recipe up on line and announce our plans for global domination in the same way that we can’t run a blog that just writes a couple of lines saying look-we-found-this-aren’t-we-cool, maybe with a line or two extra commenting on whether or not we actually think it’s cool because even if it isn’t cool and we are still linking to it because we’ve passed comment we’re cool so the uncool content is no longer an issue, even if it’s related to design, because that in itself doesn’t make it cool does it?
No. It doesn’t. It isn’t as though there aren’t plenty of people out there that haven’t been to art school and haven’t spent five years learning how they get their Macs to sparkle things up, and by things I mean products, with the aid of CS4 and a bunch of handy-online-help-guides and still have jobs as designers, producing work that we all have in our lives surrounding us, in the same way that there are plenty of people out there that have spent time in educational institutions up and down the country, and it doesn’t matter when I say country, I mean this country but it could be that country or any one of the others, who, having completed intensive mental training and tough physical examinations, leave art school and end up working in a completely unrelated industry. Behind a bar.
No; we’ve got our secret recipe and we’re working, just about, at ensuring that it is the right secret recipe, or at least a brand tasty enough to be  worthy of the time and effort that it takes to re-label the tin, and that’s important in the same way that it’s important to put up new and original content in a blog that shows some form of thought and effort; a willingness, at times, to inform and shape the lives of those who trawl through this shit, not here, on the internet, actually here too, in the hope that one day there may even be a post that is relevant in some way to the lives they lead and okay so the ‘Best section of 2008’ isn’t a fresh feature in itself but if it leads to things worth reading, and through our determination to keep it going until the end of 2010 it ought to lead to at least one more thing worth reading, even if it’s another Question and Answer session with Rob Harrison in a years time to see what they’ve got going on, not just in Cologne but across the entire Wethepeople world, then I feel justified and if the blog keeps going long enough something ought to be original, in some way, right?