by premierbakedbeanbrand

 You may not be familiar with Jackson; that’s fine. You don’t need to of met him before because you’re in luck.. He doesn’t leave the UK for a few more days yet but before he goes off on his merry way to Melbourne we thought he should get the High Hop contest he wanted and we’re throwing in the long jump too. It’s all taking place on Saturday, meeting up at 1530/1545 and kicking things off at 1600. It’ll be casual, no ties needed or anything; probably be a name taking effort or something unless we can count participants using fingers in which case there will be plenty of pointing going on. We’ve got a tape measure and some rulers and tomorrow we’ll see about getting some chalk maybe.. If it rains we’ll probably have a drink. Afterwards we’re going for a drink. Either way if you fancy a drink with Jackson before he goes then it’s the perfect time.

Travel directions are provided care of; click the link and look for point I. In the key it’s shown as the Underground Theatre. Pass that, going up Grove Road or Old Orchard Road and you’ll see the alley that links the two..
Not sure what the other fun shit will be so don’t get too excited about that.