Cigarette Advertising

by premierbakedbeanbrand

Certain people who contribute to my life in one way or another, have decided to give up cigarettes and other tobacco products and i just want to make sure they’re not overlooking a couple of important factors.

1.They make you look cool (everyone knows that).

2.They give you a valid excuse to stop working. You can’t just stop everything you’re doing, go outside and stand against a wall for 5 minutes without a cigarette (well technically you can but people might think you’re a bit weird and thats not what we’re going for here, we want cool).

3.They give you a valid excuse to stop talking to someone you don’t know and/or like. The British government bringing out the “stop being cool with your cigarettes in pubs” law, was a blessing in disguise. Don’t like the person you’re talking to at the bar? Claim you have a crippling nicotine habit and you just need to pop outside for a minute.

4.They can give you an amazingly cool mustache, or so the advert on the back of the pack tells me.


I think i’ve given enough reasons on why they shouldn’t give up, the nicotine should do the rest.

Good luck.