6′ midgets would endorse our New Product.

by premierbakedbeanbrand

Can I point out that at no point is anyone saying that smoking is big or clever, though it does seem to be cool. It does however stunt your growth so if you’ve just edged 6′ and you’re thinking of taking up smoking because you’re slowly getting to the point where you, literally, are head and shoulders above other people and if you’re going to be noticeable in a crowd it may as well be for cool reasons ask yourself this… do you really want to be a 6′ tall midget? Because you won’t get any bigger… and if you’re thinking of quitting then can we point out that you need to steer clear of patches, gums and all other nicotine based products. Not because they don’t work, I’m sure they do, but because if you’re trying to quit the product for you is…
New Nicotine-free Baked Beans. Get some in your cupboard today..