by premierbakedbeanbrand

I’ve been distracted and that’s kept me from posting anything, though I have had some journeys to keep me focused on what to do with this here, so you can keep your eyes peeled (isn’t that an odd phrase? Is it just me? Who goes round peeling eyes? Where do you get them from for a start and then what do you do once they’ve been peeled? They aren’t really like onions where you’d peel them then chop them, and I guess how fine you chop them depends on what you’re making and who you’re making it for, and then, for arguments sake, you’d mix them with minced beef and egg in order to make burgers. Lovely with tomato sauce in a big bun. A bun you’d get from the bakers that’d also sell you bread that you’d toast and enjoy. Lent is stupid. Why did Jesus feel the need to go into the wilderness and forsake everything for so long? Couldn’t he of gone on some 18-30s holiday for a week, slept with the holiday company rep, and a couple of other stunning women, no disrespect but if you’re Jesus and you’re going to be constantly talked about for thousands of years after your death you aren’t really going to compromise yourself by sleeping with some average looking woman are you, after all as son-of-a-God you’d think he’d have his lines down, no “Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?” action for him, it’d be sweet all that turning water into wine and haricot beans into baked beans in a flavoursome tomato sauce, that’d taste great heated and poured onto some toast, topped with HP, some chilli and black pepper… It can’t be that long until 11th April, can it?) for a new regular feature that will simultaneously allow us to provide fresh content, more regular posts and remove all power of thought behind at least that particular feature…
There was a reason for writing all of this but I can’t remember why due to all that thinking about the bakery section. Still at least the Christians won’t be too fucked off with all that talk of Jesus and the 18-30s holiday.

I know. I do remember. Due to a lack of thought going into the production of this, right now not in general, generally we’re constantly thinking of ways to enhance your dietary needs and of ways of getting Beans mentioned so that you subconsciously link Jesus and the production of a quality mid-morning snack of Beans-on, and just thinking in general, but for now I’m going to offer up this. It’s amazing work, and deserves more views, and it’s all available to purchase at prices even the unemployed could afford. And to highlight how much I love it, and love posts that link through to other sites without the need to actually tie it in to anything other than it’s another website and, seeing as you’re reading this you must be connected to the internet so you’ve nothing to lose, just check the Dance Series, I’ve added a permanent link on the left.