Ask Brian… Chace

by premierbakedbeanbrand

There’s something about bmx that inspires you to take money out of the bank in a foreign currency place it in an envelope and send it to the far side of another continent despite the obvious risk that you may never see a return on it. Maybe that says more about my casual attitude with money, or my eagerness to trust a stranger, than it actually does about bmx but when you get a box in the post a few weeks later you can’t help but think good things…
With that in mind, and with his edits helping to pass the rainy days, Brian Chace is the next man to step up and answer some questions…

Firstly… You’ve certainly had a more productive winter than most. With Fresh Fish I saw a single trailer over at Defgrip, which then seemed to do the rounds, but this time out with Refresh you’ve been providing the Dig website with a series of exclusive edits; how did that all come about? Did they come to you looking for something?
It all started when Brian Tunney asked if I wanted to do an interview for the magazine about Fresh Fish.  So I did the interview and it turned out really well.  Then I received an email from Brian saying that Will wanted me to do an exclusive web edit for the Dig site.  So I made the Refresh trailer in I think October and they enjoyed it so much they wanted to know if I could do a web edit every 2 months.  I said I could probably do that.  So I told my buddies and they were all down. So now when I go film the riders get to choose what they want to keep for their part in Refresh and the rest I edit for the web.  This is great because the riders are only keeping the “best” clips so Refresh is going to be better than I thought.
How has the filming been going? The edits seem to continue from where Fresh Fish left off though with some different names coming through and some of the standout names (from Fresh Fish) not appearing so much. Was that a conscious decision on your part to change it up and get others involved or is it all a matter of availability?
Filming has been amazing!  Riders to watch out for are Chris Martindale, Joe Pennell, and Def Paul.  I try and film with everyone but people’s schedules are always changing so it is hard. Some riders have also been hurt, Def Paul and Andrew Longstreet had knee surgery, but they are on the comeback now. It will be a lot easier this summer. I will be staying in Seattle to film for Refresh instead of fishing in Alaska.
With all the extra publicity surrounding the video have you had the opportunity to get a distribution deal in place to see that it makes it onto the shelves or will you be dealing with it all yourself? Is there a date set for the release of the new video?
I am still looking for distribution and sponsors.  I have distributed the last 2 and it is a real pain.  It is by far my least favorite part.  Refresh will have full parts from a couple sponsored riders so I am hoping that their sponsors will help with the distribution. As for a release date there is none. But filming will most likely end on October 31st. This is when the weather starts to get crummy around here.
I don’t know if you’ve considered it but I think it’d be great if you put Here and Now on the Refresh dvd as an extra as a way of getting it seen by a bigger audience as it really shows the progression made by everyone you film with.
That is a good idea although I think I am going to keep it all HD and as of right now it will be a double disc, Refresh on one and all the web edits on the other.
Moving on from Refresh.
You work as Chace Productions; has that provided you with projects away from bmx? Are you working on anything currently?
Well Dig said that they would post a banner linked to a website if I made web edits for their site. So I decided to build the site.  I have always wanted to start a production company but never really got the chance.  This opportunity with Dig seemed like a good time to launch a site and come up with a name for myself.  As for other work I was hoping that I would find some but it is pretty difficult.  I have yet to find any work outside of BMX. Right now I just work on Refresh and the edits for Dig.

Currently I am working on an interview/riding section for Scott Fuller.  He will be the next featured artist in Dig and he will also have a video on the site of his riding and his current art show.  I also just got back from a road trip to Sacramento and San Fransisco.  There will be a edit up soon on Dig of the road trip featuring Michael Chace, Shay Schiefelbein, Greg Tylosky, and Joseph Pennell along with some locals.
Were there five standout sections for you from 2008?
I don’t know if you are talking about my work or other sections but for mine it would have to be the first Refresh web vid and the new edit I just made for the Nike contest featuring Joe & Chris.  As for other sections by other riders I really enjoyed Dakota, Nathan, and Cory’s part in the Levis vid, Dakota and Davey’s part in Insight.
Finally… I’m growing a beard; any tips?
I have always been able to grow a beard really easy, a couple of days. As a matter of fact I’ve got one going now. I would say just let it grow!

I nearly didn’t use this last photo and then I realised that at least one Brian should get a photo up with his cat…