We don’t promote this sort of thing but it happens.

by premierbakedbeanbrand

I was going to. That pretty much sums up a great deal of things, or at least seems to begin a lot of sentences, that don’t tend to actually get done.
I was going to… write something with considerably more thought and effort than just using this post as an excuse for posting photos, that were selected carefully, rather than just post all 51, yeah 51 and these were the best two in my opinion, that highlight what can happen when you spend time looking for excuses to not sit around watching television.
I was going to write about the dangers of trying to select a single person, a single Man, and rating him Best, and therefore ahead of all others, but again that’s failed to happen though that’s more down to the fact that you’d need a clearly defined set of rules by which you could judge whether or not a man was Best or not and if you had such a clearly defined set of rules and were that bothered about working it out you’d be best off taking the whole thing to Talkback Productions, on the way to the BBC, to try and see if you can get a slot on a Saturday evening somewhere between the early evening efforts and the hospital dramas that tend to get used as a way of keeping the nation happy until they can settle down with Gary after the 2200 News; just think… People get married all the time, you only need to open the local newspaper on a weekly basis to see that, and every marriage will have, at some point, forced the Groom to try and decide who’s Best.. some people will take the easy option and get a family member involved, others will completely let Men everywhere down by choosing the one that their Bride-to-be wants, because she knows that if it’s left to him he’s going for the guy that may not even be able to stand by the time the speeches come around despite the fact that it’s his closet friend and they’d be there for each other no matter what, so instead it’s some guy that will have the ring all safe and do everything She wants… so a show, fronted by Vernon, obviously, after all it’s been a week since his last game-show/ light entertainment effort was on the air, that takes all of the pressure off so he can say, honestly, “It’s not my fault he pissed on the Bridesmaid; I chose him because those were the rules, didn’t you see the show?” would be a sure fire ratings hit and if you then had the BBC stump up some of the license fee to send the Bachelor Party away, all filmed and neatly edited to show in a moving male-bonding montage just before the final credits roll, well, maybe I’d stay in and watch tv and I wouldn’t be outside and we wouldn’t end up with photos like this…