When does innovation become the norm?

by premierbakedbeanbrand

Where are the innovators? In the beginning a hop would of been new, the first person to do it was pushing the boundaries of what could be done on a bike, then freestyle took bike riding in all directions and what was possible then has fed through to todays riding..
I guess it’s hard to pick out the people at the forefront of anything at the time it’s happening as it’s all too easy to get caught up in what’s going on and then, when you look back, after enough time to help clear clouded judgement, do you then realise what was happening and who was leading the way. Who are the names that will stand out in twenty years time is what I want to know. When we’ve finally stopped pedaling the streets and the generation, the vimeo watching, girls jeans wearing generation, have long since moved on, bulked up and are too busy teaching with their own kids how to ride to reminisce about how it felt to actually be out there riding, and we take a look back at what came out of our riding, who will stand tall? Are we producing anything more than faster, higher, further? Is it a problem if  we aren’t? When you look online at that latest web-edit to find yourself thinking ‘what…’ and you sit watching the latest video with your friends as the rail hops get higher, the stair-sets bigger, the grinds longer ; is this the generation that will be seen as having taken the Olympic motto- Citius, Altius, Fortius- to heart?
This isn’t being negative, nor am I bothered, I certainly won’t lose any sleep over any of this, but somewhere out there are the people riding who will shape the following generations way of riding and I wonder how it will all play out. It also helps to remember that the media shapes how we view everything, so for every rider making it onto the pages of the magazines and getting sections on videos there will be plenty more who are equally deserving of the media space who aren’t, so that needs to be taken into consideration… Who is behind the media? How are they choosing what they publish and do they ever think about how their output is shaping the future?

When the generation that grew up reading Spike Jonze publications were they aware of what would follow them; probably not. The influence of the riders seen on the pages of Freestylin’ reaches into the here-and-now as tricks being created and perfected then are found in the edits we watch now as a matter of course…