Not a bad effort for 152,747 miles…

by premierbakedbeanbrand

So you pack a bag and you round up all the things you’re going to need to have a productive long weekend out of town.
35mm camera with a couple of rolls of black and white film and a couple of rolls of colour.
Digital slr, with spare memory card and spare battery.
DV camera and all the spares that come with that; batteries, extra tapes, fisheye lens.
Polaroid for the arty shots and because they’re going to stop making it and all… What the hell is that all about, eh? Polaroid announce they’re going to stop making instant film and all of a sudden there are websites and protest groups and flickr pages dedicated to ‘saving’ it. All very commendable. Great. Well done. Does it not occur to these people that if they’d actually been buying the stuff in the first place then Polaroid wouldn’t be going to shift all there concentration to producing digital cameras… Fancy that; if all the people that were actually signed up for all these protests, great idea, the governments are busy getting together and selling us all down the river and the power of the internet is being harnessed to save instant film, yeah fuck the world debt, don’t worry about stopping the human rights issues that are leaving thousands and thousands dead every day, but Polaroid decides to make a business orientated decision and they’re all going crazy,to the point where it’s it’s own little cottage industry and some people are making cash off the back of someone elses decision- Save Polaroid tees anyone?- just stick Save Polaroid into the search engine of your choice and you’ll see what I’m talking about, so if they’d all been buying a film a week then Polaroid would never of decided to ditch it in the first place. Supply and Demand; it’s all it is and it’s how companies decide on what they’re going to concentrate their efforts on, and it’s right across the board, you really think that the BBC want Westwood on the air every week? Of course not but the kids love it, and the adults are all out getting drunk so fuck it why not let him get on with it, Touching Big Dogs Balls an all that, and you don’t think Alan Yentob, in his role as the Creative Director of the BBC, actually wants Eastenders going out every day of the week do you when he could be busy making new series of Imagine… but as there are eight million people that like to depress themselves watching it, and if it helps them to justify their Prozac habit, and keeps them streets empty, then the BBC are going to have to keep churning it out…

In the search for spots you use flickr, google maps ‘streetvision’, you ask around everyone you know in case they’ve got some gems they can put you on to, and you’re looking at a trip that’ll be productive. Doesn’t quite always turn out how you imagine it though… we found this…and this…and despite an overwhelming feeling that all was not well with the van we managed to cover the distance we’d planned on and in amongst the motorway services and the off licenses some riding went down and we even got a photo. A single riding photo, with everything we had and the i-phone got it… there’s planning for you.
We learned an important lesson- everything is not always as it looks. Sounds obvious, maybe we were just a little slow on the up take, but when you’re away and you see something new you can’t help but be carried along by optimism and enthusiasm, and when you see doors left open and there aren’t any security in site and you can see the turf glowing green from with-in, well you’d want to at least take a quick look at the Millennium Stadium, wouldn’t you. Not that any one there leaves the doors open.Who’d of thought they’d of built two such different stadiums next door to each other?

As for the van, well, a week after it’s return, and after it sounding worse and worse with every passing mile, it had it’s MOT. Not everyone that goes for it gets it though; some people end up leaving with a VT30 from the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency. The VT30 is a basic Fuck Off, they put it slightly differently, a little politer, but it’s what they’re saying, and I can’t say, in this instance, I can argue with them. The reasons for the refusal?

01- Offside Registration plate lamp not working
02- Offside Headlamp not working on dipped beam
03- Drivers door cannot be opened from inside the vehicle
04- Offside rear (front) Suspension spring mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded
05- Nearside rear upper (shock absorber) Suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded
06- Offside front lower (front and rear) Suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excessive  movement
07- Centre Exhaust has a major leak of exhaust gases
08- Offside Front constant velocity joint gaiter split
09- Offside Steering system has excessive free play detected at the steering wheel (steering rack fitted)
The sign pretty much told the whole story.