TV on the Radio

by premierbakedbeanbrand

The name of a popular band I’ll admit but also a source of constant irritation. I don’t want to be listening to the radio, in the morning with my tea and cereal before going to work or in the evenings with my tea and dinner, radio is always better with tea, no, everything is better with tea, except coffee, I tried putting tea in my coffee one time and it was foul and then, and I don’t know why I thought the result would be any different, some time later I tried coffee in my tea and that tasted just as bad, probably something to do with the fact that I like tea white and coffee black, and have to listen to the presenters chatting on about what’s happening on popular television shows. Don’t they understand? I’m listening to the radio to avoid the mind-numbing banalities of television and so, when faced with the question “Did you see….”, I can answer ‘No, I didn’t’. Not watching tv also allows me to hear more music, or at least you’d like to hope so but then the BBC do seem to have a policy of insisting that only six records an hour get played; think I’m joking try listening to the Radio 1 breakfast show. It makes you thankful for DAB and all of the options that come with it. I really have no interest in who shot who, who shagged who and who got fired all in the name of entertainment; not when music has the ability to inspire movement and thought and can fill a room even when it’s played at the lowest volume and disappear into the background despite being played at the loudest you can get it out of the speakers  depending on what you’re doing. I’m not saying do away with the presenters, they’re fine as long as they give me the name of the track/piece, the name of the artist/writer and the label that’s putting it out but as for the endless promotion of television shows, some of which aren’t even products of the BBC, and films, the majority tending to be Hollywood funded, no Jean-Luc Godard, Krzysztof Kieslowski or even Luc Besson here, the presenters take on the role of advertiser and the ‘unique way’ in which the BBC is funded is rendered utterly pointless. I guess the only reason to keep quiet is because you don’t have to pay a license fee to listen. I think Radio on the TV can wait for another time… Here’s a random i-phone photo of a spot that seems to be becoming more popular with every passing weekend especially as everyone that visits has their own chilled police/irate security guard story…