Later than some, before most of the rest

by premierbakedbeanbrand

We stuck up a page on Flickr… gave out the password to a couple of extra people, and you’d not believe it even with twice as many people able to post the good shit up there it ain’t happening. That’s the way of it right? You think it’s a good idea, the enthusiasm is there, everyone is raring to get out in between the downpours and anything that is worthy, and all the great unworthy, can get slapped up there for everyone, and I mean anyone with the internet and the desire to see what’s going on with beans, can check it out… Ride UK pays £70 per 1000 words; so far we’re at a shade over £7 with this post… still the idea is that instead of clogging my hard-drive space with all the unused photos we just dump all of them on Flickr… do your own editing…