Scientific Saturdays

by premierbakedbeanbrand

As the main PremierBakedBeanBrand blog poster has jetted off for two weeks in the United States to make connections and escape this awful weather I thought it interesting that more than 60 percent of all adults in the United States do not engage in the recommended amount of physical activity. This lack of regular physical exercise can lead to illness and chronic diseases later in life. Regular, brisk walking is one of the simplest and safest forms of physical exercise. A regular walking program can help control weight, condition the heart and lungs, strengthen bones, and help you take the first step to a healthier future.

But if you’re like me and tend to walk seventeen and a half hours a week at least, then 87 percent of that time is spent looking or dreaming about what your going to ride when the weekend finally roll’s around only to find out that the weather is going to ruin any idea’s that came about in those nine hundred, thirteen and a half minutes of day dreaming.

Which more than likely will lead me to the pub and alcohol, and we all know long-term excessive use of alcohol causes illnesses such as liver damage, stomach cancer and heart disease.  So to sum up I am looking forward to a sunny day in the future.