Away Days in May…

by premierbakedbeanbrand

well easter may have past a fair while ago and seeing as we always go on a little trip we finally managed to get are shit together and go away, well for a day and a half which when your out of practice and the longest you normally ride for is at the most 3 hours, a day and a half of near constant riding really makes you feel like you cant move for a day after.

the trip was never going to be the same as previous ones due to the loss of two friends to the sunny upside down land of oz, which meant the drinkin was a little on the slack side and we were back to the days of sleeping in a small van in a small car park.

we racked up four punctures and a chewed up headset, which made for nice little brakes fixing stuff and going to shut shops in an misguided effort to find inner tubes and we finally managed to film a bit of riding aswell unfortunately the camera got a bit hungary when it came to capturing the clips onto my half dead macbook pro and destroyed the first tape.

but what can you say its not about clips and blogs which is why its been so long since my last post (well and the half dead macbook pro, hurry up apple and update the mac pro) its about being out having fun with friends and enjoying flowing around the streets. what i’m trying to say is that a good time was had by all, except the people unfortunate enough to serve us when we needed tea or food.

also i had my first experience of ikea, which i thought would never happen, but at least they do cheap breakfasts.

anyway in other news the local skatepark got rebuilt into a better skatepark which is still a skatepark but with a load more people in it, but if it keeps the people riding/skating there then its keeping em off the streets.