Friday night

and im sitting playing with an slr and the torch app on my phone with a cup of tea, and this happened


Its that time of the year again

that time being, the day know here as valentino day hope it goes better than valentines day.

its saturday night

you should have better things to do

it'll be simoncelli's year

awaiting moderation (please boss i deleted the last one)

(bad words i dont want kids to read) its a worry when you find the nicest concrete bowl you have ever riden and the closest bike shop dont even know about it and would tell you to ride 39 miles in the other direction to ride hastings, but i guess thats what you get from a city that 1 in 3 are gay and 1 in 2 bmxers talk shit and try to sell rubbish like hastings unless then trying to keep secrets which you cant blame em for kids killed my ghetto skatepark i blame it on the glue sniffing tramps moving on they always keep shit sweet, they’re dig a new hole a week

New pOST

With the new look for the new year here at PremierBakedBeanBrand we thought it would be great to create a ‘handy hints for life’ post…so… if you click on through to the posts rather than just reading the little one line introductions you get all manner of exciting things… like photographs…

Secondly if it gets to 2247 you should probably head to the shop or you’ll miss last orders*…

*If you DO leave it to 2247 to head to the shop in an effort to beat last orders you’ll find you’re left with nothing more to drink as the shops around here shut early…If you’re lucky you’ll have an emergency can or two hidden behind the vegetables* in the fridge but really how the hell are Tesco ever going to expand as a company f they don’t stay open til 2300? Local shops for local people? Not likely…


*Don’t have any vegetables in your fridge behind which will be the mystical secret cans? That’s your own damn fault. Eat healthier and find more beer.


we’ve changed bit late for the new year but we ave a new look ‘Structure’ apparently, do you like it Hannah?

HANNAH with a silent H

2 thirds of PremierBakedBeanBrand love Hannah as she’s the only one to comment on anything bean related… even if it’s only because Lee doesn’t have a mobile phone…

is the beans dead??????????

does anyone read this? i aint had tinterweb in ages no one posts anything here!!!!!! i would say it was just the weather but the league manager is having christmas with bbqs and sunshine upside down some one put some effort in

we need clips

and its pretty pretty pretty much winter now,

1 Week,2 Citys,3 Pictures,3000 Words,0 bikes