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A Tribute to Lorenzo…

Well not really, i just wanted to get something spanish in the title and i still have the opening round of the MotoGP fresh in my mind. Based on that race this should be a tribute to Rossi, but i’m not using Italian ingredients here. I’m still undecided on Lorenzo, sure he’s quick but he can be a bit of a dick sometimes. It is good to see that you can be a Spanish rider and not have to be a midget to win though.

This is the first post in a new series titled “Beans on Toast” (that probably would have been a better title for this but oh well). I’m gonna guide you through, step by step, the making of a classic meal.

In this post we’ll tackle the toast element. Easy.

Before toast comes bread, so i’ll start there. I’m gonna assume you already know the basics of sourdough making so ill skip to the specifics.

Chorizo, Manchego and Spring Onion Country Loaf.



50g sourdough starter.

95g water

95g flour (50/50 mix of white and whole wheat)


I’ve written this down once already so ill show that.


Although thats not a good use of the upload allowance so i’ll type the rest.

100g chorizo (weight after frying)

100g manchego

50g spring onion (could have been more in hindsight)

30g olive oil (forget the 25g of extra water from the recipe above)


Mix the levain ingredients together and leave for about 8hrs. I do this in the morning before work. After 8hrs the levain should have risen slightly and there should be some bubbles near the surface. If it has and there are, its ready to use and if not leave for another hour or so. To the levain add 350g of warm (27oC) water and mix it up a bit. Now add both of the flours and mix by hand until there are no dry spots. Leave covered in the bowl for an hour. Add the salt and oil and mix it in to the dough (takes a lot of squishing and arm work to get it to incorporate). Throw in the cut up fried chorizo, manchego and onion.


Now for the bulk ferment. Fold the dough every half hour for the first two hours, taking care in the latter folds not to knock too much air out (i do 5 folds then 4 then 3 then 2). Then place the dough (covered) in the fridge for 2hrs. After its spell in the fridge the dough will be a lot easier to handle. Scrape the dough out on the a worktop, sprinkle a little flour over the top then flip it over so the flour side is down. Fold the dough on itself and leave covered by the bowl for 20 mins for the bench rest. Then shape in to a boule as best you can.


Place the boule in to a banneton (or floured tea towel in the bowl), cover and put it back in the fridge for another 18hrs or so.


Pre-heat your oven and cast iron pot to 280oC for a good hour. Tip the dough out on to a piece of parchment paper big enough to allow you to grab the sides and lower it in to the pot. Before it goes in you need to slash the dough so it can expand in the oven (i forgot to get a picture of the slashes so you’ll have to imagine them). Put the pot back in to the oven, reduce the temperature to 245oC and bake for 20mins with the lid on. After 20 mins take the lid off, reduce the temperature to about 220oC and bake for another 40 mins or as long as u dare too. I got an overall bake time of 1hr 5mins. Remove from the oven and leave to cool for an hour.




There you have it. Bread. Spanish bread.

You are now ready to toast.

Next up, beans.

Thanks to F-O at Tartine Bread Experiment for  her help and support with my bread making.




all i wanted to do was post a picture of baked beans and i haven’t

Obviously biting that hand that feeds you is going to make you hungry in the long run…

… but will laughing at the ideas of WordPress and the kind of people that are using it eventually get you kicked off the site? No-one involved here is trying to be famous, the last I heard was that one of them guys got so famous he moved to Rye and married a woman with one leg. No. Sorry. That was Paul McCartney. Then again maybe he already he lived in Rye then he got married. Anyway. Tea is good, isn’t it. What I’m saying is… who the fuck is looking to get famous off of WordPress and if you can’t work this shit out for yourself than I don’t know if I want to know who you are anyway… 

ANIMAL doing that shit that’s sweet…

Yeah yeah… post posty. Haven’t been here in a while and all that jazz. Shit’s going to go down but it’s Friday night and renewed enthusiasm for what we all came here for is on. Expect nothing more for another 19 months and be mildly surprised if I remember doing this and then post some more in a bit…

Fuck the bmx side of life… this here post shows why ANIMAL have it all going on…

stuff you all

im going to the moto gp wooooooooo

Lazy Sundays

i was hung over to hell, others were drinking  ice tea with rum in or cider, some were cooking meat on the smallest bbq in existence, and one just didnt want to share his magic stars, but it was a good way to spend an afternoon

if you have a spare 20 mins

might as well head over to vimeo and check this out

SBK an old, local, skateboard video

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